Short Term Health Insurance

An Affordable Alternative to Obamacare

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“We built for people who find the existing health insurance marketplace too expensive, too restrictive, and too confusing.”

Bruce Telkamp and Dr. Sheldon Wang, co-founders of AgileHealthInsurance and HealthPocket

At AgileHealthInsurance®, we are committed to providing you with affordable solutions to your health insurance needs. We believe if you’re not completely satisfied with the government marketplace plans sold on or in state exchanges (“Obamacare plans”), then you need to compare your other health insurance options on AgileHealthInsurance. We offer less expensive alternatives to Obamacare plans that you can purchase at any time, not just during the limited six-week Obamacare enrollment period. With our plans, you choose where to focus your health dollars. Whether you’re looking for a major medical plan like short term health insurance or a health benefit insurance plan that pays you a fixed dollar amount when you experience a medical incident, you will have access to a very broad range of highly rated insurance companies, and you can enjoy coverage beginning as early as the very next day.

With AgileHealthInsurance, you can find the health plan that best fits your personal needs and budget. Our Short Term Health Insurance and Health Benefit Insurance plans:

  • Are typically half the cost of Obamacare plans.
  • Give you the freedom to choose any doctor and hospital.
  • Are open for enrollment year-round, no black-out dates.
  • Are underwritten by financially strong insurers committed to the highest level of customer service.

Additionally, our Health Benefit Insurance plans do not require medical underwriting to enroll. We also offer supplemental health products such as dental insurance, vision insurance, and telemedicine.

Once you’ve explored your many health insurance options on AgileHealthInsurance, you can apply online and have your coverage start the very next day. You can also cancel your insurance at any time for any reason

We GUARANTEE that you’ll always get the BEST price available for short-term health insurance plans offered on AgileHealthInsurance.

With AgileHealthInsurance, you’ll also have the confidence of knowing that you purchased health insurance from a team of healthcare innovators who pioneered the very first online sale of health insurance in 1999 and also created HealthPocket, the only website where consumers can compare every Obamacare and Medicare health plan in one step.

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Please also visit our independent sister company, HealthPocket, for more information on the health insurance market.

Short Term Health Insurance is health insurance outside of the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"). Health Benefit Insurance is comprised of fixed indemnity and may include supplemental insurance products and non insurance supplementary health products/services; it is not major medical insurance. Neither Short Term Health Insurance nor Health Benefit Insurance cover pre-existing conditions, they do not include all ten of the minimum essential benefits of Obamacare, and you may be subject to the Affordable Care Act Uninsured Tax (The 2017 Congressional Tax Reform Act does not eliminate this tax until 2019). You can learn more here.