About Us

AgileHealthInsurance, the ecommerce division of HealthPocket, Inc., is a Silicon Valley based technology company. Our team has decades of experience delivering health insurance solutions to consumers. We are also a licensed agency and are appointed with A rated health insurance carriers offering a broad array of short term health insurance and ancillary products. You can find out more about our state-specific insurance licenses here.

We are part of the family of Benefytt Technologies, Inc. family of companies, which includes Health Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC. d/b/a Health Insurance Innovations (in California the d/b/a HIIQ Insurance Solutions), TogetherHealth Insurance, LLC, Total Insurance Brokers, LLC, and American Services Insurance Agency, LLC, among others. Throughout our site(s) and in communications, we may refer to our parent and sister companies collectively as Benefytt.

Our Headquarters:

3450 Bushwood Park Dr

Suite 200

Tampa, FL 33618