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The United Services Association (USA+), Membership offers a program with three dental plan options.

USA+ Dental Exclusive Features include:

  • Three plan options to fit your needs and budget. Each plan includes: Preventive, Basic and Major Dental Services
  • Available to individuals and families of all ages
  • No waiting period on Preventative Services
  • Freedom to see any dentist nationwide
  • Vision Services, including one eye exam per year, per family member, at no charge
  • One 1 eye exam per year, per family member from participating providers or $47 towards an exam for non-participating providers.
  • Choose to pay monthly plan costs by MasterCard, Visa or Automatic bank draft

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USA+ Dental plans are available in all states except: AK, KS, MA, ME, MI, MT, NH, NY, SC, SD, UT and WA.

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USA+ Dental Membership

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