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Why Choose Dental PPO Plans from National General?

Living well starts with a healthy smile. National General Dental PPO Plans help you pay for your dental care needs and give you access to the Careington Maximum Care Dental Network.

National General Dental PPO plan:

  • Offers three different benefit levels to choose from, helping you find the plan that best fits your needs and budget
  • Helps you save an average of 40% on dental care when you visit network dentists
  • Doesn’t require a waiting period for preventive care — helping you get the coverage you need, right away
  • Provides network discounts on all services, including basic and major services needed during the plan’s waiting period

National General PPO Dental Plan Highlights

  • All three benefit levels are guaranteed issue
  • Child only coverage available
  • Preventive: Evaluations, examinations, cleanings, fluoride treatments and x-rays
  • Basic: Emergency treatment of dental pain, deep sedation/ general anesthesia for basic services, consultations, amalgam and resin-based composite fillings, denture
  • Major: Deep sedation/ general anesthesia for major services, inlay/onlay restorations, crowns (single restoration only), endodontics, surgical periodontal services, and dentures

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L.I.F.E. Association is a membership organization that provides lifestyle-related benefits to its members. Membership in the Association is required in order to be eligible for this insurance coverage in certain states. Annual membership dues may be collected in installments with insurance premium. Membership dues are non-refundable and failure to remit membership dues will result in loss of eligibility to participate in any of the Association-sponsored programs or benefits. National General Accident & Health may also realize some benefit from these fees. Membership is not required in GA, IL, MO, and WI.

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