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Why Choose Dental Insurance Plans from Nationwide?

Foundation Dental plans include coverage for necessary dental treatments in three different classes of service. There may be coverage limitations based on your age and frequency of treatment for some services.

Types of services covered:

  • Diagnostic & Preventative Services – X-Rays, Oral Exams, Prophylaxis, Sealant, Space Maintainers, and Topical Application of Fluoride
  • Basic Services – Amalgam, Anterior and Posterior Restorations; Simple Extractions, Sedative
  • Fillings, Emergency Palliative Treatment, Full Mouth X- Rays, Problem Focused Exams
  • Major Services – Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Endodontics, Bridges, Crowns, Dentures

Though network discounts may apply, not all classes of service have benefits payable for all plan levels. Choose the plan level with the coverage that’s right for you.

Foundation Dental Plan Highlights

  • 100% Coverage for Diagnostic and Preventative Services (up to the annual plan maximum).
  • Benefits are payable for both in-network and out of network providers (out of network providers may balance bill you)
  • Dental coverage is permanent - you can keep your plan as long as you like!

You may choose to use a provider who participates with the Maximum Care Network or a provider that doesn’t. Benefits are determined and payable in either case. If a participating provider is chosen, the covered person will generally pay less out-of-pocket.

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