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Dental Health Insurance

Do I Need Dental Insurance?

Most of us understand the importance of health insurance. We’ve experienced or have a friend who has experienced how health insurance has helped them pay a medical bill, sometimes even the thousands, and protected them from the most common reason for bankruptcy - medical bills. But your health insurance plan doesn’t cover all medical expenses. Dental procedures, cosmetic surgery, and vision related expenses rarely are covered by your health insurance policy.

Although most of us will not make yearly visits to your local cosmetic surgeon, we would like to make regular appointments at the dentist to keep our teeth healthy and sparkling. That is where dental insurance comes in.

What is dental insurance?

Dental insurance is a policy that you purchase to cover expenses related to oral care. Policies vary by cost and provider, but in general the dental insurance plan will cover scheduled check-ups, and help protect you from expenses associated with more extensive work such as cavities or root canals. They often work like traditional health insurance plans with deductibles and co-pays for specific procedures with an annual maximum benefit limit.

Should you purchase dental insurance?

While most people could benefit from having a good dental insurance policy, everyone’s financial and dental health circumstances are different.

The average monthly premium for dental insurance can run from $20-40 per person. For most plans, this monthly premium covers biannual checkups as well as x-rays and other preventative care related to dental health. Without insurance, checkups cost can be between $75 - $200 each with the annual x-ray adding another $100. If you have decent oral health, than you may be thinking that dental insurance isn’t actually saving you any money, and if you find a dentist with low-rates, you might be right. But, if you get a cavity or a crown, you could be stuck with several thousands in dental bills.

While searching for a dental insurance plan, you’ll want to start by considering the costs associated with a dental plan versus your typical annual dental care costs. Break down what your dentist charges for twice-a-year cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and other routine care. Then, compare these costs the premiums you’re quoted for dental coverage under different plans. Keep in mind that you may be able to deduct your insurance expenses come tax time.

How do I find a good dental insurance plan?

Like with all insurance products, not all plans are equal. Shop around. Check the benefits, deductibles, and coinsurance rates for each plan to find a match for your estimated needs. offers great options for dental insurance from some of the most recognized insurance brands around. Compare plans now.