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What is Short Term Health Insurance?

Short Term Health Insurance offers major medical type benefits in the case of unexpected accidents or illnesses. Whether you need coverage during a transition or gap between insurance or if you are looking for a solution outside of Obamacare, Short Term Health Insurance offers an affordable and flexible option. Different levels of benefits among plans means you choose the right coverage for you.

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What is Health Benefit Indemnity Insurance?

Health Benefit Indemnity insurance is accident and illness indemnity insurance that, unlike major medical, pays you a set amount of money to help pay costs incurred due to specific covered medical conditions or services with doctors and hospitals. Coverage is affordable and available at any time. It can be used to supplement major medical insurance like short-term health insurance or to provide specific coverage that a consumer wants for their specific needs.

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What are the advantages of Short Term Health Insurance?

Short-term health insurance (a.k.a. short-term medical insurance or temporary health or medical insurance) helps fill the many gaps that people experience in health insurance coverage (it is also referred to as gap health insurance). Some of the more common gaps are:

  • Time gap between ending an employer group health plan and starting another employer group health plan.
  • Affordability gap where other major medical options are unaffordable.
  • Medicaid gap where a person’s income is too high for Medicaid eligibility but below the minimum threshold for an ACA subsidy.
  • Rural network gap where the local ACA plan’s narrow network excludes rural providers.

What are the advantages of Health Benefit Indemnity insurance?

Health Benefit Indemnity insurance (HBI) pays the benefit directly to the policy holder so policy can manage expenses arising out of a covered medical event. Many people with major medical insurance plans have found HBI can be used to help pay deductibles and other cost such as groceries and helping with lost wages while being treated.

These types of HBI are also referred to as limited-benefit indemnity insurance plans.