Supplemental Health Products

Additional Coverage for Health Care Benefits

What are Supplemental Health Products?

By including additional insurance and services, supplemental health products add value to your overall health care benefit package. Supplemental health products are designed to be purchased in addition to a major-medical health plan (such as a short term or an ACA/Obamacare health plan) or a Limited Medical plan and are categorized in two basic types: supplemental medical insurance or non insurance supplemental health products.

What are Supplemental Health Insurance Products?

Supplemental health insurance are category specific insurance policies that focus on health conditions that are generally uncovered or undercovered within a major medical or Limited Medical plan. The most common supplemental medical insurance products are:

Vision insurance: Insurance to cover basic vision care needs such as optometrist visits and prescription eyeglasses.

Dental insurance: Insurance to cover dental cleanings and other dental procedures.

Supplemental Medical Insurance: Supplemental medical insurance is an added layer of medical insurance that pays a set amount when you experience an accident or a critical illness covered by the plan. Some common examples of supplemental medical insurance coverages are critical illnesses such as cancer or accidents resulting in a broken limb.

What are Non Insurance Supplemental Health Products?

Non insurance supplemental health products are services that help the consumer to better manage their overall health while saving money. The most common non insurance supplemental health products are:

Telemedicine: A benefit that gives you 24/7 access to medical providers via the telephone or video conference.

Pharmacy benefits: Discounts for prescriptions and over-the-counter medications at pharmacies nationwide.

Insurance advocacy services: Access to experienced advocates that will help you to better utilize your health plan and answer your health insurance related questions.

Why Would I Sign Up for a Supplemental Health Product?

Supplemental health products are great tools to complement your major medical or Limited Medical plans, and help you save money.

How Do I Apply for a Supplemental Health Product?

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