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Why Choose HCC Flexible Short-Term Medical Insurance Plans?

There are transitional periods in life that can leave you withoutmedical coverage for a brief time. HCC Medical Insurance Services understands your need for peace of mind about health insurance coverage during uncertain times. HCC Flexible provides affordable temporary health insurance to protect you and your family. You should consider purchasing HCC Flexible if you are concerned about protecting yourself from the potentially high medical costs associated with an unexpected sickness or injury.

With HCC Flexible you are in control. You have the freedom to receive treatment from doctors and hospitals of your choice without incurring out of network penalties. From quote to fulfillment, HCC Flexible makes it quick and easy to apply and get the medical coverage you need.

It is ideal for those who are:

  • Bridging the open enrollment gap
  • Recent graduates
  • Part-time or temporary employees
  • Without adequate health insurance
  • Between jobs or have been laid-off
  • Waiting for employer benefits to start
  • Foreign students attending school in the U.S.

HCC Flexible Health Insurance Feature Highlights

  • Coverage Period Maximum of $100,000
  • Length of coverage up to 6 or 11 months. Purchase in full or make monthly payments
  • Per Incident Deductible options: $250, $500, $1000, $2,500, $5000
  • Coinsurance Options: 80% of the next $20,000 of eligible medical expenses

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  • A special note from HCC: Short-Term Medical ("STM") plans provide temporary, short-term coverage of less than 12 months. STM plans do NOT provide "Minimum Essential Coverage" as defined in the Affordable Care Act ("ACA" also known as "ObamaCare"). STM plans also do not cover pre-existing conditions, cannot be renewed and are not guaranteed issue. If you need continuing care due to a pre-existing condition you should consider applying for an ACA plan. Please review the policy for additional exclusions and limitations. By purchasing an STM, you may still be subject to the ACA tax penalty for not maintaining Minimum Essentials Coverage. You should consult your tax advisor to determine if the ACA tax penalty applies to your specific situation.
  • Selecting STM may make you ineligible for COBRA. To learn more about COBRA and STM, see here

AFFORDABLE CARE ACT TAX. Short term health insurance is health insurance outside of the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"). It does not include all ten of the minimum essential benefits of Obamacare and it does not cover pre-existing conditions. To learn more about the tax, its exemptions, and how to calculate the affordability of short term health with the tax, see here. To learn more about the differences between Short term health insurance and Obamacare, see here.


Short-Term Medical Insurance Plans